Collection: P05K™ Pocket Belt Skirts

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Rekindle Tradition with a Practical Accessory

  • Price Range: $34 - $44
  • Storage: 4 Roomy Compartments
  • Coverage: Covers Waist to Mid Hips

Revive the age-old tradition of wearing pockets around the waist with our new take on Waist Pockets. Before the integration of pockets into clothing, individuals relied on separate pouches situated around the waist to safeguard their essentials—a practice that upheld both style and function.

Our modern rendition of this classic approach not only bestows a sense of nostalgia but also brings forth numerous advantages. Positioned at your waist, our P05K™ Pocket Belt Skirt allows for effortless access to your necessities while accentuating your natural curves, adding a charming touch to your daily outfits. Embrace the convenience and style of the past, seamlessly blended with the vibrant and functional design of the present, and move through your day hands-free and with ease.

Fabric Weights

The P05K™ Pocket Belt Skirt is offered in a variety of fabric weights. While the heavyweight versions provide a greater degree of shaping, they also come with a bit more bulk compared to the midweight and lightweight options. 

Heavyweight fabric has a thickness and weight similar to that of a sweatshirt. Midweight fabric is somewhat lighter and comparable to a high-quality, thicker t-shirt often referred to as a "beefy tee". Lightweight fabric, on the other hand, is the thinnest and most breathable, resembling the weight of a standard t-shirt.

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