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MoonEaze™ Union Suits

MoonEaze™ Union Suits are THE perfect outfit for any woman that loves hanging around in her pajamas all day long. We became enthralled with the history of the union suit and its role in the reformation of women's clothing in the late 1800s and decided we needed an update. 

Convenient, Hassle Free Rear Panel

Crafted with love and laughter right here in Portland, these one-pieces aren't just your regular union suits. We're talking union suit with a pull down flap. Yes, you read that right. You might call it the ultimate in bathroom convenience, a godsend for those 3am winter calls of nature. Imagine, you're all snuggled up and toasty, and boom! You gotta go. No need to fumble with a bunch of buttons or awkwardly disrobe. Just utilize that handy-dandy rear flap, do your thing, and you're back in cozy-town before your bed's even gone cold. There are no snaps, ties, zippers or magnets to hassle with when you use the loo.

How Does It Work?

Through ingenious pattern design and stretchy fabric. Click here for our delightful visuals on how to use it in the loo.


Alright ladies, let's get real: there's nothing like slipping into a one-piece union suit when it's time to hit the hay. First off, we're talking top-to-toe coverage, meaning no chilly gaps or wandering waistbands – just all-over, cozy goodness. They're like a warm hug that lasts all night long, which, let's face it, is way more reliable than waiting for your partner to stop hogging the blankets. And if you've ever woken up with your shirt twisted around like a soft pretzel, you'll appreciate the simplicity of a one-piece. It's a no-fuss, no-muss sleep solution that lets you drift off worry-free. Plus, it's a complete outfit in one. So if a surprise guest or an emergency late-night ice cream run happens, you're already dressed for the occasion. Now that's what I call beauty sleep!

So you're snuggled up in your cozy one-piece union suit, sleeping like a baby, and then nature calls. Nightmare, right? Not with our specially designed pull-down panel in the back. This game-changer means that even in the wee hours, you don't have to fumble with undressing or endure the arctic blast of nighttime air on your bare skin. Just a quick slide of the panel and voila, bathroom business made easy. And just as quickly, you're back in your warm, comfy cocoon. This isn't just a sleepwear upgrade, ladies, it's a revolution in comfort and convenience. Sweet dreams just got a whole lot sweeter.


Picture this: you're hitting the slopes, snow crunching beneath your skis, wind nipping at your cheeks. In this wintry wonderland, there's no better companion than our specially designed brushed nylon or bamboo one piece base layer. Seriously, this little number will change your ski game forever. One pieces are an ideal base layer for winter. It locks in your warmth or keeps you cool from shoulder to ankle. No pulling up your bottoms or yanking down your top.

Plus, remember that revolutionary pull-down panel? You'll be thanking your lucky stars for that when it's time for a bathroom break, and you don't have to undress in some chilly ski lodge restroom. You get to keep your top on! It's all the warmth and convenience of your favorite one-piece pajamas, optimized for the great outdoors. Carving those fresh tracks just got a whole lot more comfortable.


Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, and thermal-regulating. That means you stay dry, warm, and free from itchiness, even after a full day of shredding powder. 

Brushed Nylon

This fabric is moisture wicking, offers UV protection and an ideal weight and feel for a base layer. Performance fabric for active folks.


Alright, all you happy campers out there, get ready to meet your new best friend: our sustainable, bamboo union suit. Forget about chilly nights in the great outdoors – this baby's got you covered, literally from head to toe. The bamboo material gives you a thermal-regulating, moisture-wicking suit that keeps you warm, dry, and, let's face it, smelling pretty fresh too. It's perfect for those crisp, starlit nights around the campfire or those early mornings when you're the first one up, brewing coffee on the camp stove. And ladies, let's talk about those midnight bathroom trips in the woods. Not the best part of camping, am I right? But our genius pull-down panel in the back means no awkward stripping down in the wilderness. Whether you're hiking, pitching a tent, or just lounging in your hammock, this is the camping must-have you won't want to be without. Happy trails!


Now, let me set the scene for you: You're at the airport, heading off on your next adventure. You want to be comfortable for that long-haul flight but still look put together when you land, right? Enter MoonEaze™. This is the ultimate travel hack, ladies. It's like your favorite pair of pajamas and your go-to travel outfit had a love child. The bamboo fabric keeps you cozy and fresh even on the longest of journeys, and the one-piece design means no fussing with separate pieces or worrying about your shirt riding up and giving the guy in 3A a show. And the best part? You can easily transform it into a chic, day-ready outfit by throwing a skirt over it. It's like you're wearing a soft, fitted tee that never comes untucked, making you look sleek and put together without even trying. Plus, with that handy back panel, bathroom breaks on the plane (or at dodgy rest stops) just got a whole lot less complicated. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight – we've got you covered.

Outdoor Work

If you're one of the brave souls who battles the elements at work, in a chilly warehouse or out there in the winter wilderness, let me tell you, our french terry mid-weight union suit is about to become your new best workmate. It's like a superpower against the cold. Imagine being enveloped in warmth from neck to ankle, like a personal, portable heater that never runs out of juice. That's what our thermal-regulating bamboo fabric does - it keeps you cozy without overheating, and it wicks away moisture, too, so you stay dry even when you're working up a sweat. And let's not forget our superstar back panel, which makes bathroom breaks a breeze. No need to strip down or shiver on those frigid toilet seats. This suit's got your back (and your butt!). So whether you're moving boxes in a frosty warehouse or shoveling snow under the open sky, this union suit is your secret weapon against the winter chill. Stay warm, stay dry, and stay awesome, ladies!